Teen’s Cell Phone Hidden Whereabouts: Fact that Trick Parents

We hear many parents complaining about their children. The kids and teens of modern time are less responsible; they are obsessed with social media and have other priorities than changing lives. Parents do a lot of care but the kids are not doing what the parents want. There are a large number of teens who lie to their parents and this is really unacceptable for the parents.

Teens Hiding Their Phone Activities

It can be said with surety that kids hide a lot of stuff on their phones so that their parents cannot see what they have been doing. Various studies and reports have also revealed children using their phones in negative ways and hiding the stuff from their parents. What kids hide on their phones? Below are few of the items which will show what kids hide on their devices.

They Hide Social Stuff

Nowadays, everything is accessible. The internet has made things easy for people. Teens are not behind in this regard. They use their phones for a lot of activities like social media apps. On social sites, they befriend with strangers. Even many teens date people from social sites. But they hide all this stuff from the parents.

They Delete Internet History

Next is internet history. More than 90% of kids have smartphones these days. They use phones for browsing adult content and porn websites. With this, they are prone to hacking and losing their data. So they try to hide their internet and browsing history so that the parents cannot check all this. Otherwise, they will feel down if their parents find out what they do on the internet.

They Remove Calls from History

When the teens and kids meet new people on dating and social sites, they also talk to them on their phones. Numbers are saved in their devices. But they do their best in order to hide all this from the parents. Whenever they make a call, they remove it from history so that everything is clean and the parents don’t doubt them.

They Lie About Whereabouts

Teens and kids have been seen hiding their whereabouts from their parents. They visit a lot of places after school and colleges but don’t tell anything to the parents. Many also go to date their partners. While others enjoy drug parties with their friends. For these reasons, they are not in a position to inform the parents where they have been. It worries the parents because they return home late.

Tracking Whereabouts of Teens and Kids

These are the real issues a lot of parents face nowadays. But they should not be worried about it at all. We have found a way for this. Parents should use the top-rated and the best spy app called BlurSPY. This app lets parents keep eyes on the activities of their children as well as the locations, the places they visit and their hidden whereabouts. With this app, the kids will not be able to hide anything and lie to their parents about their locations.

Track Live Locations

The app offers the best GPS location tracker which comes with three options. The first one is that parents can track the live locations of their children. They can find out where the kids are at a certain moment of time. It will make parents feel relaxed.

Check Location History

The second option which BlurSPY offer is to check the location history. In this section, all the places, and locations that kids have been visiting will be displayed. So parents will be able to find out which places their children visited.

Limit Access to Places

Third option is to mark some areas as safe and unsafe. It will restrict access to unsafe areas. Parents will get a notification when the kids will try to visit the unsafe areas. So it will be a really great option to keep eyes on the whereabouts of kids.