How To Choose The Right Facebook Ad Objective For Your Business?  

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In this digital world, every business is trying to reach the maximum people to increase their revenue share. Many young entrepreneurs are using digital mediums to run their business of different nature for instance home interiors, e-commerce websites, and others. To achieve this, business owners are using every digital medium to promote their products and services. Facebook ads are one of them. However, to reap the benefits of Facebook ads one needs to be aware of its objectives and utility in optimizing your campaign. Facebook categorize their objectives into three broad-heads, which are as follows:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion

However, the categorization is oversimplified, yet each campaign objective that they have grouped into each funnel stage can play a positive role in their respective sections. It is important that you select the right objective for your campaign. In case of wrong selection, it might cost you your savings. If you intend to have the maximum conversion against your campaign then you need to select the “conversion” objective. However, if you want to spread awareness and chooses conversion as an objective, then it would be an expensive mistake. Let us have a detailed look at the Facebook Ad objectives.

How To Choose The Right Facebook Ad Objective For Your Business?


Store Traffic Objective

The store traffic objective is primarily geared towards chains. This objective would be a great option if you want to drive local awareness for multiple brick and mortar locations, or you want people to contact the right location. Then, this objective is the right option to go with. Besides this, you can create customized ads for each of your locations, and deliver them to people nearby. It can help in increasing store visits as well as sales.

Reach Objective

Reach objective help you in obtaining the maximum audience for your ad. It helps in maximizing the number of people that will see your Ad and the number of times. Precisely, the main aim of this objective is to gain maximum exposure. Furthermore, under the umbrella of this objective, you can set a frequency control that is not the case with Facebook campaigns. Undeniably, the reach objective is a cheap way to get a lot of exposure for your brand. However, it could be difficult to quantify, especially if you have a sales cycle, which is long enough that Facebook may not accurately track view-through conversions.

Brand Awareness Objective

The brand awareness objective aims toward driving ad recall. After choosing this objective, Facebook will show your ads to the people it might believe will remember seeing them, and you will be charged based upon the CPM. However, to try to improve delivery optimization, Facebook reserves the right to survey your audience.

Traffic Objective

Traffic objective is the most powerful goal to get people to your site or app. It will help you in starting educating prospects and building remarketing lists at the same time. Under this objective, you can have a few different bidding options. The setting is to bid for “link clicks” by default that means Facebook will deliver your ads to the people, which it believes is most likely to click on them.

Engagement Objective

The goal of this campaign is to drive engagement. In the engagement objective, Facebook will show your ads to the people in your audience, which are most likely to engage. However, an engagement campaign serves as a cheap way to build a remarketing pool as well as a way to build social proof. With the engagement objective, you can even optimize post engagement, impressions, or reach.

Lead Generation Objective

Lead generation objective is versatile in nature, and it can be used in any stage of the funnel with the right content. The best thing about the lead generation objective is that you can capture email addresses to build up your email marketing efforts in tandem with your paid social efforts. Henceforth, if you have high-quality content, it is advisable to test out this objective, as it can be incredibly cost-effective.

Video Views Objective

As the name suggests it gains video views. However, Facebook recommends it in the consideration stage, but it works best for a top of funnel campaign. Moreover, with the right content, you can use it for mid-funnel campaigns. The best feature about this objective is that you can optimize video views, which are typically inexpensive as compared to other objectives.


Precisely, it is very important to choose the right objective to manage your campaign effectively. There are other objectives as well apart from the above-discussed ones. However, we have discussed the most frequently used objectives in the Facebook ad campaign. Therefore, if you are planning to run any best online shopping store, it is advisable to choose the right objective that aligns your campaign goal, which directly benefits your business portal.