Class and Exam Scheduling System

Class and Exam Scheduling System

Class and Exam Scheduling System

The manual way of scheduling in terms of searching, sorting and decision making is tedious and time consuming with accompanying errors and data loss. It also makes it difficult to improve, edit, and search. If an error occurs in the course or Exam schedule, it will be subjected to those responsible. As a result, the schedule is delayed and effects to increase the workload for staff at the landmark building.


Some of the major problems faced in term of schedule are:


  • Repeated time allocations may be made for a particular course thereby leading to data redundancy
  • It generates a lot of paperwork and is very tasking.
  • It Is costly and its waste of resources
  • It is not as flexible as changes may not be easily made.

Be With Me Technology have a good look at the above problem and be able to provide a perfect solution to it. we have been able to create and Design a new system called “Class and Exam Scheduling Management System”.

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          This system is intended to create and easily manage the class and examination schedule for institute it is designed using PHP and MySQL. easily tracking of conflicts on the staff, students, Lab and Hall schedule will be detected by the system to avoid redundancy and inconsistency. This will greatly ease the person-in-charge’s responsibly in doing schedules every start of semester and examination. The system is perfect, responsive, strong to accept and store data and also strong security is added to the system which makes it more flexible.

 The system has two profile

  • The Admin Profile and
  • staff profile


The following are some features of the online scheduling Management system: –

  • Manage class Schedules
  • Manage Examination Schedules
  • Manage Levels, Halls, Subject, Staff, Signatories
  • Manage Department, Designation, Program, Rank, and Salutation.
  • Manage session, program, school year and program.
  • Add time and Date
  • Print class Schedules by Staff, Level, and Hall.
  • Print Examination Schedules by Coordinator, Department, Level, Hall and All.
  • Detect conflict in Exam schedule between Hall, Level, and invigilators to avoid redundancy.
  • Detect conflict in the Class schedule between hall, Level, and Combination to avoid clashes.

For the staff panel, you can be able to print department schedule and coordinator by clicking a single button. Check the demo of the System below.


View Demo

If you wish to have the system kindly Contact us on one of the Following and it can be customized based on your wish:




Call: +2349039016969  or  +2348033028625

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