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Why Should you have a Quality video camera with you?

If you notice at this new era then I am sure that you can watch one thing is you can find camera in everybody’s hand and another thing you can notice that our cell phone has the best camera. However this cell phones camera will not work every time as well as video camera will […]

Google Pixel 4 review

  The Google Pixel 4 has arrived along with its elder sibling, the Google Pixel 4 XL and is bringing better photography features including machine learning and other AI. The upgrades are minimal and we would call it is an incremental update- no big changes to grab headlines. Google is playing safe and is hoping […]

Best Facebook Apps For Android and iOS

Facebook is truly the foremost wanted social media platform within the digital world created and promoted by humans. With billions of active users investing the ability of Facebook a day, there’s no repugn that Facebook is rarely attending to vanish. However, it’s admittable that the most Facebook app is serious and overwhelming to devise storage, […]

How To Choose The Right Facebook Ad Objective For Your Business?  

In this digital world, every business is trying to reach the maximum people to increase their revenue share. Many young entrepreneurs are using digital mediums to run their business of different nature for instance home interiors, e-commerce websites, and others. To achieve this, business owners are using every digital medium to promote their products and […]

How to Become a Better Web Developer in 2019

 A lot of people have been asking this question to us at Be With Me Technology, how would I be a better Web developer. What should I build? Which language should I learn first? Which project do you think I should build? Do you have any demo project that you should help me with it […]

Web Design Tips to Crush Your Next Website Project

A website cannot succeed solely with thought-provoking content. It needs to have a compelling website design and a style that offers amazing website’s user experience and easy to navigate at first glance. We know beauty lies in the eyes of the mouse holders. Different people have different visions and preferences for the designing of a […]

Can Wikipedia Be An Educational Tool?

Wikipedia is well known to students and therefore used very often for their school work. Their lack of perspective, even critical thinking, is often regretted by teachers. The research presented in this article, however, highlights the educational value of the collaborative approach of the encyclopedia, as students support the writing protocols it requires. The production […]

Wikipedia as One of the Best Platforms for Content Marketing!

Well, with a look at the title you would have got two words in your mind the first would be Wikipedia and the other one is content marketing. Those who aren’t familiar to either one of them, Wikipedia is one of the most visited websites which is being accessed through almost every country in the […]

Challenges of Internet Marketing

Every success story comes with its own challenges, taking care of those challenges will make you a great marketer. While you might be battling with obtaining the perfect strategy for your business, others might be struggling for the best email extractor to facilitate their email marketing campaigns. Either way, there’s always a possibility for optimization in order […]

How Technology can Benefit the Transfer of Learning?

Modern technology is helping out the world by providing its true and authentic benefits by all means. In every field of life, you can see its amazing factor by all means. From the business industry to educational field it has provided the best and informative solution to every user by its positive effects. Have you […]