Wikipedia as One of the Best Platforms for Content Marketing!

Wikipedia as One of the Best Platforms for Content Marketing!

Well, with a look at the title you would have got two words in your mind the first would be Wikipedia and the other one is content marketing. Those who aren’t familiar to either one of them, Wikipedia is one of the most visited websites which is being accessed through almost every country in the world and has got around 29 million visits on regular basis.


On the contrary, content marketing is one of the recent kinds of marketing or digital marketing in which people contemplate on the written content to market their brands and products. Now you might be having thought about how this could be integrated or how Wikipedia could be considered as one of the content marketing platforms.


Well, initially Wikipedia was aimed to share information and facts with people all around the world. This was the main purpose of the website and it was considered to be an online encyclopedia. It gained such popularity that it became the fifth most visited website and this was what possibly marketers saw as an opportunity to cash in. The acceptance of written content and such reachability was the perfect specifications for making Wikipedia to be turned into a content marketing platform. Other than this here are some more of the specifications why Wikipedia could be considered as one of the best content marketing platforms.

  1. Gives You Backlinks

The website although does not appreciate the promotional tone and marketing content however it can offer you the ability to redirect your visitors to different web pages and this is what was seen as another potential to make the contemplations on Wikipedia as a content marketing platform. This ability can make your home page to get increased visits through the same and this is why you can consider it as one of the best platforms for the same.

  1. Page Monitoring Is Easy

Unlike most of the other content marketing platforms, it allows you to monitor your page. This is how you can keep a track of what is happening on your page or around it. This could be one of the stepping stone for implicating on further strategies and these figures could make you identify what should be done to make your brand to be promoted more effectively.

  1. You Can Edit It As Many Times As You Want To

How often do you find a platform where you can edit something that you have already posted but with Wikipedia you can make this happen, Wikipedia editors are assigned to make the edits on the Wikipedia page with all the updated information and facts about your brand or product. This way you can keep all your potential customers and target audience to be aware of what is happening in your organization or brand.

These are a few of the things that are to be considered as the benefits that you could attain from considering Wikipedia as your content marketing platform. But it is not everybody’s cup of tea to get this done however this does not make it impossible there are professional Wikipedia editors who can make you able to get this done. People in recent times are contemplating this strategy to make the best out of their digital marketing campaigns and why won’t anybody consider it? It is inexpensive and effective and could bring some amazing results to your marketing campaigns.