5 Awesome Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Web Design and Development Company

5 Awesome Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Web Design and Development Company

Technology is growing so fast today than you can’t imagine, with technological development, there has been absolute plenty of websites and applications out there today. You would hardly find a recognized company or even a startup who does not own a great website or application for their business. The website and application have become a foundation of businesses in the modern era where technology sits at the topmost place.

However, a bad side also seems with lots of greats! Keeping the massive reputation of websites and mobile applications in mind, an extensive number of web development companies have risen with their own promise of excellence.


While some keep their words, some simply fail! And others try to. That’s why this article is a must-read for you as it will provide you the best solution guide on how you can choose a web design and Development Company standing in 2019. So without taking much time, let’s get into it…

How to Choose the Best Web Design and Development Company: Some Questions to Ask Before Hiring

The Following are some simple and important questions which are needed to be asked to the company you are hiring for your project. I am not going to mention all of them today but I am going to pick up the most important ones among them, consider these questions as the interview round. Since you are hiring, you have all the right to fulfill your satisfaction by the way.

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What is the inclusive cost of the project?

Costing always plays a crucial role in irrespective of the service or product you’re going to purchase or anything else you are opting for. So, why not ask the web design company about the costing? Various reports are registered regularly regarding the problems occurred for pricing.

There are two categories of pricing agreement you would find:

  • hourly and
  • Project-based.

If you are a small company, a startup company or organization, you must not have that massive budget to devote. So, the cleverest decision would be being aware of all the hidden price, annual subscriptions, and support charges.


On the other hand, large affluence should also not waste unnecessary money behind everything. Ask the company about the quotation and judge it by yourself whether the price is good enough but you can also consult a trusted person to confirm whether if the price is okay. This doesn’t mean that you should always trust what others said to you sometimes they may try to take you down if they have an opportunity to do so, that’s why it is always advisable to make a decision within you and your members.


What is the timeline? 

The timeline is the second-most important aspect to take into attention while hiring a company for your website design or development project. In most cases, individuals make errors and they have to suffer for that with an unnecessarily strained timeline. Basically, companies give false expectations with a short timeline and once they sign the contract the delivery gets delayed may be due to someone to two problems and sometimes it is due to laziness.

Thus, the solution is asking for a timeline and contacts of their previous consumers. Ask them about the company and their experience with them. Also, ask for a phase-wise project workflow which would display the project and the timeline broken into various phases. This would simply lessen the complication and risk of the lengthened project and here at Be-With-Me Technology we always give our client the workflow of their project this will enable them to understand how their project is going about.

Are you providing both the design and development within the cost?

This is often ignored but it is an important question to ask a web development agency. You have to understand and also keep in mind that web designed and development are not the terms which can be used interchangeably.

Those are two entirely different subjects. One takes care of the front-end and one takes care of the backend. In various cases, it has been noticed that the web design firm has only provided the quotation for the design (it can also be called front-end development), and the consumer regarded that as the price of the whole project.

Therefore, confusion and argument have initiated later. So, you need to be vigilant and ask the IT Company whether they are quoting for the whole project, or only for design or development as they are two different aspects.   

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Will the website be responsive?

Standing in 2019, this is the most important question to ask any website design and Development Company you are hiring for your project. With an uncountable number of mobile users today, your website needs to be mobile optimized so that you get noticed by the billions of mobile users around the globe. If your website is not responsive at all, the chances of brilliant among your consumers are less than you can ever imagine.

So, ask the company you are thinking of appointing whether the website they will design and development would be responsive to all devices some may lie while others may fail to deliver. If they cannot provide such responsive website or software, after checking of their previous work you should simply start looking for other companies like Be-With-Me Technology because all our design and development for both websites and software’s are responsive as we always keep our customer in mind while designing since we believe that we can only be successful when our customers are successful and we can only be happy when our customers are happy. We make it simple but we make it significant.

Will I be able to manage my website’s content by myself?

Yes, you may not consider this question in the pleasure of having an awesome website for your business but at the end of the day, this question would be one of the most vital aspects of a good website.

Basically, you would surely require managing the contents of your website at any point of time. Adding, editing or deleting contents (images, texts, videos, and every other thing) are the vital features which can take you to the height of success.

If you do not have a CMS (Content Management System) embedded on your website, you are most likely to land in the middle of a deep ocean. You have to contact the web development team from each time you want to add, edit or delete any content on your website.

This can make your business defenseless as they can ask for a further financial contribution from your end. Furthermore, they may not be available at the moment when you need them the most. If you have a CMS, you can do almost anything on your website even if you don’t have any idea about technicalities.


So, these questions can evolve to be your protector when you are choosing for availing a web design and development agency. If you are aiming at getting the best service, the company you are going to hire has to meet these aspects discussed above.

Web design has been a true affection of my life. I have been working as a full stack developer (front and back end developer) at Be-With-Me Technology. I have been creating creative yet functional websites and software’s for many years. Now, I believe, I can contribute my knowledge to help others and improve their technological experience.


Do you know other questions that you need to ask before choosing a web design and Development Company that is not discussed in this article kindly drop them in the comment section below we will love to hear from you!. Do you really found this post helpfully? Gentle share your thoughts on how this really helps you in the comment section below and don’t forget to share it with your lovely ones!