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A website cannot succeed solely with thought-provoking content. It needs to have a compelling website design and a style that offers amazing website’s user experience and easy to navigate at first glance.

We know beauty lies in the eyes of the mouse holders. Different people have different visions and preferences for the designing of a website, what one person likes, another might find dreadful.

So, how to create a successful web design?

There are a bunch of helpful tips compiled in this article to help you create an awesome science-based website design.

Incorporate these tips in your next project and drive more visitors to your website.


Make the Website Speed Your Absolute Priority

Speed is a very important factor in website design. Research shows that it greatly affects the bounce rate, user satisfaction, conversion rate, and revenue of a website.

If your websites take time to load, then there are high chances that the visitors will bounce back.

Page loading speed is also an important Google Ranking Algorithm. So, it is paramount to invest in making the speed of your site as fast as possible.

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Use a descriptive headline on the Homepage

The headline on the homepage of your website should be keyword-focused and highly descriptive to engage the readers. If not, the visitor might think that they have landed in the wrong place.

It’s a golden opportunity to use targeted keyword phrases into the headline of the homepage to rank your website for that keyword.

Make your headline clear and descriptive rather than fancy. Highlight the benefit your site will offer to the visitors. You can also use image and videos to help emphasize your point clearly.


Wait! What about the fold?

It is the viewable area at the bottom of the screen. To see below this fold, you need to scroll.

Study shows that visitor’s spend 80% of their time above the fold. Thus, put all your valuable content above the fold.


Keep it simple

Simple designs are more likely to attract visitors than visually complex designs. Nowadays, more and more websites are ditching sidebars designs and are focusing on single-column designs. It keeps you away from the distraction and focuses solely on the content.

Use the standard design layout and make your website design simple yet amazing.


Don’t put all call-to-actions on the Top                                                         

Users spend most of their time on the top of the page, but this doesn’t mean they are ready to take any action.

Chartbeat analyzed 25 million visits and found that most of the engagement occurs on the below the fold of a page.  It’s true that the content at the top is more visible, but is the not the right put all your call-to-action.

Place them where are likely to get more people’s attention and the high probability that people will click on it.


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Avoid carousel, tabs, accordions, and rotating sliders

Website owners love carousels. But, the biggest problem with them is the visitors might only see the first slide.

Research shows that carousels and rotating sliders are pretty useless.

Message and call-to-action on the subsequent slides are likely to be seen less by the visitors.

Notre Dame University study shows shocking data. It noticed that the first slide on the carousel received 90% of the clicks as compared to the subsequent slides.

Ninety Percent! Sounds like other slides are just simply ignored. So, when designing a website, avoid carousels and rotating sliders to get most out from the front page of the website.

The same issue occurs with the tabs and accordions. They often get ignored as only a few of the visitors are likely to go through your entire page, and a very few of them will click on them to read further.


Use People in the Pictures

Humans like to connect with other people. The power of people picture is very helpful in web designing.

A Basecamp study showed a huge lift in the results when the people pictures were combined on a sales page.

Source: Orbitmedia.com

A website should look beautiful. But the success of any websites goes far beyond the look and beauty. It should help the visitor to find what they need. It is the true purpose of web designing.

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