How to Become a Better Web Developer in 2019

How to Become a Better Web Developer in 2019

 A lot of people have been asking this question to us at Be With Me Technology, how would I be a better Web developer. What should I build? Which language should I learn first? Which project do you think I should build? Do you have any demo project that you should help me with it so that I can build?

How to Become a Better Web Developer in 2019

Well today in this post I am going to give you a good guideline on how you can become a better developer, I am not going to mention some demo projects to build but I am going to give you the best three (3) key that I think they are very important to become a better web developer and it will help you keep growing because that never stops. Basically, any developer has to keep on improving by learning some new technics and new tools from time to time.

So how do you grow as a developer?       

To grow is a broad term, of course, well to be a better web developer you have to keep on practicing because practice makes perfect. You have to become better, you have to fall into some certain traps and you have to solve some certain problems so that next time you know how to fix them up when you encounter them.

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Practice: Practicing as always alive is the key to success when you practice you remember a lot, whenever I make a post or video is a practice however if I created a project is also a practice and that what you have to keep on doing because the industry keeps on revolving.

Challenge existing best practices and solutions: best practices exist for good reason, therefore, using them is not a good idea but you will see how best practices are merged in this post because we are going to talk about how the merge and still why they are questioning them that means all the best practices.

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Discuss and contribute: you have to drive into the community and this doesn’t mean that you have to write and publish ten posts on YouTube, Facebook or blog or anywhere on daily basis, it just means that you should be in the community you should provide solutions, you should discuss with other people or help others. So we are going to discuss all the above-listed terms in this post. So let’s get started.


  1. Practice: as for me practice means is to build demo projects or some part of projects, something like a website, blog dynamic file upload. So what we are trying to do on this blog is what you should also do. Set your own goals, challenges and build some kinds of stuff this is the way you learn perfectly. Now there are two kinds of application that you can build or that’s what I recommended people when they ask me if I have an idea on what they should build

Well, the ideas are already out there trying to build some popular type of websites or applications and that does mean that you should try the big ones like Amazon, WhatsApp or complete Facebook.

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If you find a website that you are interested in building or some certain features that you are interested then that’s fine just try to duplicate it you can also check out the code of that particular page by clicking view page source to serve as an inspiration and that’s could be a good starting point or you can try from scratch.


So simply pick some certain website, blogs or applications like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or what Sapp and start building some awesome features that are interested in you.

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You don’t need to create the entire website or application because some of them have been in existence for too long and they are moving from one step to another they don’t just make it within a day or time the usually update it from time to time. But you can create a few certain features something like comment feature, message feature, share feature, the group feature and also like feature, you can create some of those features.


The alternative is that you can simply build “evergreen” apps something like blog, shop, I know some people may hate to build these apps and we don’t also write how to do such things here because some hates it, but it exists for a good reason because it has all that four corrupt operations in it and it may often be a good starting point to practice with that database or that framework because your first to do all these operations creating, reading, deleting and updating and do that in a relative and simple interface where you don’t need to worry about too many average interfaces of the app.


So, these are the kind of apps you can build, if you are interested in building a shopping app then don’t just focus on the checkout don’t worry about how the administrator area would look like, simply add some demo data to it and focus on those features you are interested in.

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And now with both approaches you will have a certain goal a certain feature you want to implement you want to get it done, you want to have a working stage focus on that feature and forget about the rest of the features and if you have done that you will face challenges you will face problems and something doesn’t work as you are expected or it works at first and later on you detect some logical issues then don’t give up this is the actual point where you will start learning this is the time where you need to Google, read blog post about how another person fixed that related problem, you find stack overflow discussion, you find YouTube tutorials and then you find many resources that will help you with that problem you are facing.


And that’s the part you have to go through and you don’t have to give up and also you don’t have to ask any person to solve for you but really dig into the problem and solve it yourself.


This can include asking for some support or asking some question on stack overflow/Facebook groups but it does not mean that you should say I want this how would I do that you won’t learn anything and you can’t just go to an agency and tell them they should build that for you that would never make you be a better web developer by that.


  1. Challenge existing best practices and solutions: so this is the practice part, practicing is great but practicing also include you implement solutions for some certain problems and you should always challenge the existing solutions generally it exists for some reasons and you have to overcome the obstacle.


How does best practice merge?

Well they do emerge because people try to solve a problem and chances are that people have already solved this problem before but not in a way that people may like or maybe not in a way that you can implement or you want to implement or maybe you just want to explore to other alternatives so that’s the best way on how practice emerge.


The idea here is that you should always challenge what you have been taught it may also include our tutorials in this blog or our services that doesn’t mean that you should never ask whether if you can do it differently or better if seen.


  1. Discuss and contributing: this is the real core of becoming a great web developer this heading can be separated into two (2) part
  • Discuss
  • Contribute


  • Discussing: What does discussing really mean? Well, here it means driving into some online community like stack overflow, Quora, YouTube comments, Twitter and Facebook groups. This allows you to stay up to date with latest trends and technologies, so try to drive into the community even if you can just read this will help you with some basic skills you don’t have before.


Though you can also talk, share your knowledge or opinion you can drive into the discussion and you can also contribute actively that is probably better than just reading however reading will also help you fixed some related problems if the arises.


  • Contributing: contributing Is all about sharing any kind of discussion, this consist of creating or editing project in GitHub and that’s another awesome way of building a portfolio by the way you can also contribute to the udemy Q&A section based on the language you are good at or via YouTube comment or you can also write your own blog tutorial, this is a part where you are more expose and therefore this is something that a lot of people reframe from I can only coach you to do that, contribute to other peoples project to share your knowledge but by the way you can find some people that you don’t like them because the way they behave somehow that’s fine you won’t be able to learn something from them based on the negative feedback you get from them you can also get positive feedback from them and you will learn a lot from yourself plus you help other people and with the open source contribution as well as tutorial you can also build your portfolio which you can show to personal employees.


Contribute all it means you help others, you share your code that you work on open source project and you should learn from mistakes so don’t be afraid to make a mistake and don’t be afraid to share your code and others may find it error in it or they will tell you; you are not following some certain practice only when people tell you something you could be able to improve your code for the future it is not something that needs to offend you when you are corrected or challenge this is the point where you gain a lot, learn a lot and help you improve.


So these are my taught on how to become a better developer in 2019 I hope you found this post very helpful, I hope this gives you something to think about for new aspect or maybe you already know all of them and I spend 15-20 minutes of your time or something like that I am very sorry about that but please join the discussion let me hear about your teaching about the article or what you think people should do to become a better web developer.